My short film, “Born on a blacklist” will be screened during Currents 2013: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival, The screening takes place at el Museo Cultural

Two of my videos, Nervous Thinking & Subfactors, were selected for a new exhibition at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. This contemporary art exhibition features paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, wearable art, metalwork, sculpture, fiber art, and video installations by a mix of local, national, and international artists. The artworks explore themes related to sex, gender, eroticism, reproduction, sexuality, romantic relationships, the politics of sex and gender, and the human figure.

The show opened on May 17th and will run through July 13th. More information can be found here.

For a complete list of all video screenings & exhibitions I have participated in, and links to watch Nervous Thinking, Subfactors and more of my video work, please click here.

Via Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art

Come Play With Me
a new series of photographs
by Ron Diorio

We are excited to announce the launch of a new body of work by Ron Diorio – Come Play With Me – to coincide with the selection of two of his videos for a new exhibition at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. This new series follows the success of Diorio’s last two series – Comin’ Around Again and Hometown.

These images represent an aesthetic continuation, but signify a radical departure in terms of subject matter. Diorio explains: “In 2012, I began a project to make Subfactors, an experimental film suggested by a research paper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior on ‘Why Humans Have Sex.'” Participants in the research project were asked to answer how frequently each of 238 reasons led them to have sex. “I posted on Craigslist, using various ‘reasons’ for having sex as the headline or subject of my Casual Encounters listing. The images that formed the basis for the Come Play With Me series were initially sent back in response to those postings.”

Diorio rendered the images according to his aesthetic style. They serve as a snapshot of desire and desperation.

“I was looking for something that was universal. All the photographs I received were so specific. Selfies – self-photographing with a cell phone – have become what people do. But I’m interested in looking for something that goes beyond a picture of a person in their bathroom. The particulars of creating these images were the same as working with my own images. I try to find the part or moment in a picture that interests me. I work on eliminating everything extraneous in order to convey something universal.

It was a challenge to work with pictures that didn’t originate as mine. I’m continually drawn to Edward Hopper’s paintings, and in this instance, to how Hopper imagined interiors. Again, I was initially thinking in terms of using these pictures for a video piece, so there would have been motion and duration and time. You don’t get that when you look at them as photographs. But I was trying to find something there, something that was both isolating and inviting, that allowed people to get to the voyeuristic part without being lurid.”

This project constitutes an extension of Diorio’s lens-based work while exploring how the fertile intersection of photography and time-based video can generate new ideas.

He adds: “When I’m asked why I pursued this project, using received images about sex, I find it’s useful to reference the sex survey. The 238 reasons for having sex are also applicable to making art. It seems sex and art have similar motivating factors.”

Reasons To Make Art / Reasons To Have Sex:
I was “in the heat of the moment.”
It just happened.
I was bored.
It just seemed like “the thing to do.”
I wanted to gain acceptance from friends.
It’s exciting, adventurous.
I wanted to feel loved.
I wanted the attention.
I didn’t know how to say “no.”
I felt like it was my duty.
I wanted the adventure/excitement.
I wanted the experience.
I felt obligated to.
It’s fun.
I wanted to be popular.
It would get me gifts.
The person was “available.”
I felt sorry for the person.
I wanted to feel powerful.
I wanted to feel young.
It became a habit.
I had no self-control.
I wanted to communicate at a “deeper” level.
I got “carried away.”
I needed another “notch on my belt.”
The opportunity presented itself.
It’s considered “taboo” by society.
I wanted to experiment with new experiences.
It was expected of me.
I wanted to make a conquest.
Someone offered me money to do it.
It seemed like good exercise.
I felt insecure.
I wanted to boost my self-esteem
I wanted to enhance my reputation.
I wanted to make money.
I wanted to change the topic of conversation.
I wanted to make myself feel better about myself.
It is my genetic imperative.
It was an initiation rite to a club or organization.
I wanted to see what all the fuss is about.
I thought it would boost my social status.
I felt jealous.
The person had a desirable body.
I saw the person naked and could not resist.
The person wore revealing clothes.
The person had too much to drink and I was able to take advantage of him/her.
The person was mysterious.
I wanted to forget about my problems.
I wanted my partner to notice me.

The Complete Come Play With Me series is available for viewing on our website.

My Film “What I did during the Part 5: Dreaming not sleeping” will have its world premiere screening at the 3rd annual West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival April 20-21

My film Nightlight will screened April 4-25 as part of One Minute Volume 5 curated by Kerry Baldry and presented by Virginia Hilyard and Peloton Gallery, Redfern NSW, Australia

“Nightlight” and “A Season of wants” will be screening this Spring:

CologneOFF 2012 Serbia
@ International Short Film Festival ACTION II Prokuplje (Serbia)
13 March 2012

A season of wants
“memory” and “identity”
Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica:
Sunday, April 29, 2011


I am pleased to announce that I will be launching “Manhatta Special” a series of free screenings of “experimental” film and time based work in the Spring of 2012.

Films will be shown on portable screens in unusual public and private settings. A call for submissions and dates of the first screenings will be announced shortly.


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